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The General - Take Two

By kjkmom2boys · March 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

One of my favorite blogs, We Are THAT Family, is hosting The World's Largest Nerf Party Linky in honor of Mason NERFING cancer.  Although I haven't blogged for quite a while (new job, busy family, sick kids, etc, etc, etc . . . LIFE), I thought Mason's victory was a reason worth celebrating. 

This post - originally published in September - is one I had a lot of fun with the first time around.  I hope you enjoy it too.  Congratulations, Mason! 


Bud has listened to me talk for quite some time about the blogs that I follow.  He has listened while I babble about Twitter and ramble about the Cleaning and Exercise Chat Room that I frequent  (Update: we hang out in this chat room now for Flylady motivation - feel free to join us any time!).  He has asked me before why I don't write my own blog.  And then, I started Mom's Just One of the Boys. 

His first response when I showed it to him?  "Just don't put my picture on it."  Then, a couple days later, "You can use my picture, IF . . . you use a 'face in hole' one."  Then, just the other day?  "I know - use the picture where I don't have any hair."  This, mind you, would be the picture from when he shaved his head pre-surgery last fall.  The picture that made me hope he goes nicely gray rather than bald as we grow old together!

This evening, however, he pushed me to the breaking point.  I was talking to my neighbor in her driveway, and her husband and children (11 year old daughter and 9 year old son) were fooling around with the Nerf dart gun that her 9 year old got for his birthday.  They've been having frequent Nerf gun battles within their family, and tonight her husband discovered that he could actually shoot from their back door to the end of the driveway where we were standing at the street. 

Bud was out there talking with us for a couple minutes, then returned to our house.  I came home, started cleaning up the kitchen, and wondered where he had gone.  A little while later, he came downstairs saying something about taking on the neighbors, and I turned to see him outfitted like this:

There's an extra dart gun in the back of his belt that you can't see, and the bandanas alone made me laugh out loud.  Oh, and the tail of the pirate scarf that didn't show up in the picture either!  He finished the preparations for his mission, while all four of the boys were at my computer, through a door immediately to the left of this picture.  NONE of them noticed him.  As if it was perfectly normal that Dad was walking around with Nerf guns strapped all over his body?  I finally had to say, "Aren't you going to take any of them with you?" 

At that point, they finally became aware of his get-up, and they all wanted in on the action.  I didn't want W to get shot in the face in the melee, so he and R stayed with me (R was sidelined due to his pink-eye, much to his dismay).  We transferred the bandanas from Bud's legs to B and H's heads, tucked a gun in the back of each of their waistbands, and took one more picture to record the moment:


This small platoon took off around the hedges to attack the neighbors' house. R, W, and I watched from the back porch as they hid in and around the garage; engaged the husband, daughter, and  - eventually (he was on the computer upstairs and missed the start of the action) - son; and then participated in a prolonged battle.  A few moments later the phone rang, and as I answered the wife simply said, "You might be a redneck if . . . " 

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posted by Nicole @TeamPipkin

WOW! thats some serious NERF playing. Our NERF war will be later today...after the landscapers leave...LOL!

posted by We are THAT family

Thanks so much for being a part of this special day for Mason!

posted by Catherine B

WOW! Your men are serious! We loved it. Thanks for celebrating with Mason and making his party bigger than we could have imagined!

Catherine (Mighty Mason's Mom)

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